mercoledì 24 settembre 2008

Poston (a post from Boston)

I'm in Boston, actually in Cambridge, for the EmTech 08, the conference on emerging technologies held by Technology Review at MIT.

As a homage to my hosts, I'm going to post my random thoughts in English for the duration of the conference (nobody's reading my blog anyway, I might as well write it in chinese – if only I knew how ;-).

Being at MIT is awesome! I think now I know how super religious people feel when they are in Jerusalem. I'm feeling intelligence waves vibrating in the air. I look at people around me and wonder how smart these people might be. Which, considering that I normally think most people are morons, is a nice improvement ;-)

Speaking of morons: of course I got lost while trying to reach the conference. Still, getting lost lead me to the amazing Stata Center.

The Keskge Auditorium, where the conference is held, is equally beautiful, both on the outside and the inside.
But, even here, there are no electrical plugs close to the seats! Reality check: the long-lasting batteries you're talking about have not invented yet.

Power (plugs) to the people!

(WiFi is working flawlessly, though)

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